Berry BER Months Promotions from Trinity Networks!

 Sep 2nd


We've got something fresh up our sleeves! We love seeing our clients happy and satisfied with our services, we decided to sweeten the deal a bit more by introducing our new and improved promo for the 'ber months. Catch this fresh picks from Trinity Networks!!!

berry ber promos

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary!! - TRINITY NETWORKS - specials -

 Jul 7th

It’s Our 2nd Birthday. Specials And Promotions All Month To Celebrate.                                                                                        Hey what do you know? Our little experiment from helping out some friends with setting up their servers and deciding to push through with ... Read More »

Security Alert: GHOST glibc Vulnerability - Action Required

 Jan 30th

Greetings,A major security vulnerability has been found in the glibc package used on Linux operating systems, CVE-2015-0235 or "GHOST". This vulnerability affects all versions of glibc released after 2.2 through 2.17.   It was initially reported on 1-19-15 and subsequenty patches have been released as of this week by major Linux vendors such as ... Read More »

Smart Padala now being accepted!

 Jan 20th

Greetings,Good news! We are now accepting Smart Padala Payments for faster payment transactions!Just go to the nearest Smart Padala Outlet.                                      Smart Money Card No: 5299 6752 4854 0104and ask the agent to send the sms/reference to paid open up a sales ticket ... Read More »

Over stocked servers!

 Jan 13th


We're happy to announce that we'll be rolling out our very first promotion this 2015 with our overstocked servers.

Pay 1 month and Get 1 month free on all D-RO 1024, D-RO 2048, D-RO 3072 Plans. EAMOD free on all plans under D-RO 2048, D-RO 3072! Interested? Open a sales ticket now!

D-RO maintenance

 Jan 10th

Greetings,We will be having a maintenance in our D-RO Nodes this Jan 11, 2015 10pm (+8GMT) 6am (PST) . All servers will need to change their IP's to the ones we have added to your machines.Please note that we will junk the OLD IPv4 addresses (72.46.151.xx) as the routing for the said IP's are congested. Hence we would like to ask everyone in the ... Read More »

Trinity Networks now offers A-delays!

 Dec 12th

Greetings,We're happy to inform you that upon collaboration with Kamishi, we are now an official reseller of A-delays Anti Speed Hack and No delay! Hence, We would like to inform everyone that A-delays (monthly) is now available in our Add-ons / Services that you can purchase anytime!So what is A-delays? Adelays is a project formed in 2013 from ... Read More »

Western Union Payments

 Dec 8th


Due to Western Union's new policy all of our transactions went on hold hence we would like to inform everyone that Western Union Payments are removed from our Payment method. Effective today, December 9, 2014.

Thank you.

Support Contact Number

 Dec 2nd


We would like to inform that our support # has changed. Please note it's 0947-219-8188 or (+639472198188). If ever you get contacted by our old support number, please disregard. Thank you.


 Oct 29th

Good news!

We have 6 Harmony slots available! Hurry avail yours now!

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