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$20.00 USD


Harmony is an innovative security system for eAthena based Ragnarok Online™ servers. It aims at providing a secure environment, allowing a better game experience for both the players and providers.
(4 Available)


$15.00 USD


Get your RO Server Battlegrounds 2.0, Mining and a lot of modifications by using EAMOD.

Harmony Install Fee (for supported emulators)

$10.00 USD

Installation Service for Harmony for emulators supported by Harmony Patches provided by Harmony.

A - Delays

$15.00 USD


Adelays is an unbypassable antinodelay system for Ragnarok Online.
SETUP Fee - refers to activation fee. This does not include installation on your servers.

GRF / Installer / Client Hex Setup

$10.00 USD

Basic Data GRF.
Basic Thor Patcher.
Basic Client compatible with your emulator.
Link will be uploaded to mediafire.

Full Installer Setup Fee

$10.00 USD

Your own Full installer, uploaded to mediafire.

Daily Backup Service

$30.00 USD


Daily Ragnarok BackUP Service.
Your Ragnarok Backups will be stored in a different machine remotely.
You can choose whether (hour/day/week)

Harmony Install Fee (for latest emulators)

$25.00 USD

Installation Service for Harmony for Latest Emulators (Rathena/Hercules) which isn't supported by Harmony.

Reverse Proxy IP

$50.00 USD


We provide inbound DDoS filtering options in Los Angeles. It can filter up to 50Gbps or ~30 million PPS.
Please give us up to 24 hours to assign your Reverse Proxy IP after payment is received.
  • This is only for game server. We may need your skype contact for easier installation. Note

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